Exciting week ahead!

After a fantastic first week, I’ve got my nerd cap on an I’m hard at work sorting out a shed load of new product photos. With having a brilliant reception from the beauty industry and its artists, and the arrival of our partnership with Clearpay, its given us all the more drive to provide as many premium quality products as you could imagine.

All of our glitter mixes are unique to us entirely, as we hand mix them all using our background knowledge of the industry, and our personal experience. They’re all cosmetic grade, but some are not suitable to be used on the face due to the size or cut. So festival goers, bare with me a short while I continue to add all of the fine details.

Coming next we have, more glitter, of course, glitter shapes, chromes. I’ve already added a new Aurora foils set which look amazeballs in person. And well, the rest has to remain a secret 🤐 ☺️

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Lia 💜

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